Please use the images, videos and bio information listed below in marketing materials for your gig or event. If you require additional content, images, or information; please reach out to Bobby and he’ll be happy to send what you need to market the event/gig.

Live Music:

 Bobby Ray Bunch has been playing live acoustic music since 2008. Everyone is entertained when Bobby plays their favorites from Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and Johnny Cash to hits from the 90’s and today!


Stand-Up Comedy:

Bobby Ray Bunch has been traveling to perform comedy for nearly a decade all over the country. From performing in intimate venues to sold out auditoriums, his material revolves around his time in the Air Force, life as a newlywed and everyday observations. Bobby has opened for acts such as Todd Barry (Comedy Central, Louie, The Wrestler), Janeane Garafalo (Mystery Men, The Larry Sanders Show, HBO), Emmy Award winner Tig Notaro and Last Comic Standing Winner Josh Blue.